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Conclusion The inspection teeth in Vietnam

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,durable over time to help cover the defects of rehabilitation and aesthetic. Aesthetic porcelain veneers are the final indication for dark and tarnished teeth, yellowing teeth; Or your teeth: hiccups, screams, mothers, … that bleach has no results or customers do not have orthodontic time, braces. Or you want to find another solution faster than orthodontic to solve a few. There are 16 teeth (8 teeth and 8 lower teeth), 18 teeth, or 20 teeth that can give you a smile. good Should my porcelain crown cover? If your teeth are infected with tetracycline, you can choose whitening or full dental crowns according to your needs. With a whitening solution, you can still have white teeth, but this solution does not permanently retain the color of your teeth and you may need to bleach your teeth when the yellowish teeth return.

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Do not spit

In the early days of implant transplant, you will feel uncomfortable in the mouth but not spit continuously will affect the results of surgery. In addition, there may be a white spot on the implant, you cannot use the tongue push or get clean hands to avoid the risk of wound infection. In addition, you need to take prescription medicine to heal wounds heal without infection.

Avoid hard, hot or hot foods Saigon Vietnam dental implants

About 1 hour after implant surgery, you should not eat any food. A week later, you should only eat soft foods, chew slowly and gently; The following days can be eaten normally but should avoid too hard, too hot, hard or sticky food such as chewing bones, chewing stones, coconut candy, avoiding bones in food stab or falling into the new implant.

When drinking water, you should drink filtered water, cool, juice and do not use straws. In particular, you absolutely do not smoke, drink beer 2 weeks before implantation and 2-4 weeks after the transplant to successful implant.

Clean your teeth

After implant surgery, patients need clean oral hygiene to keep teeth healthy. Make a denture after each cleaning meal around the implant site, the tooth, the front and back of the abutment. In addition, you should brush your teeth with a special brush for dental implants such as interdental brushes, brushes with special hairs. Also, you should also rinse your mouth with salt water to clean your mouth.

Do not grind your teeth when sleeping

The first two days after the implant surgery, you should high pillow will help the wound heal fast and healthy teeth faster. In particular, you need to control the unconscious grinding teeth when sleeping by wearing chew chewing to not affect the teeth and transplant finished.

Note if there are abnormal signs vietnam dentist prices

When your teeth show signs of abnormalities such as implants swelling, bleeding a lot, you should go to the examination room again. In addition, if you have the feeling of bruising, bruising when biting the teeth together or when sliding jaw to the right or left then you have to ask the dentist to adjust. You should not chew because when there are points, tang is very easy to cause porcelain teeth and implant teeth damage in the jaw.

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